Schedule Service

Schedule Service at Antelope Valley Volkswagen in Palmdale, CA

When you’re ready to schedule your next service appointment at Antelope Valley Volkswagen, Serving the Antelope Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley, our online service scheduler makes it a breeze. If you’ve used it before, you know the drill — and you can skip a step when you sign in! But for new users, there’s no need to fear! Simply follow these steps and you’ll have an appointment in no time!

Step 1: Vehicle Information

To start, we’ll ask you to give us some information about your vehicle. At minimum, we need to know the year, make, and model. Convenient drop-down lists let you select the right vehicle. After this, we will ask for an approximate mileage and the vehicle identification number (VIN). However, these two are not necessary, so you can continue on without them if you’re not sure of either.

Step 2: Select a Service

Next up, you’ll be able to select the service that your vehicle needs. There are three main sections to this page. First up, we’ll offer recommended services based on your vehicle’s mileage; these can help you bundle several services together to save. Instead of this, you can choose individual services. We have an extensive list of services for you to choose from, and we’ll list special promotions for your vehicle, too. Or, if you don’t see what you need, fill out a general service request and give us a description of the vehicle’s problem.

Step 3: Select Day and Time

Next up, you’ll be taken to a calendar page with available days and times. This lets you find the one that works best for you, and is a great improvement over scheduling by phone. You can also select your service advisor on this page. Finally, let us know your transportation needs.

Step 4: Contact Information

On this page, we’ll ask you to fill out your contact information. This includes your full name, your email address, your home address, and your phone number. With this information, we’ll be able to contact you about the appointment. This will also create an account with us at Antelope Valley Volkswagen, so you can complete this process faster next time. On this page, you’ll also find an overview of the services you’ll be booking for your Volkswagen model.

Step 5: Book Appointment

That’s it! With this step, you’ll be able to set your appointment. We look forward to providing exceptional service to you and your Volkswagen at Antelope Valley Volkswagen, serving the Antelope Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley from our convenient location in Palmdale.